A Look At How Cattle Feed Is Changing With Feed Formulation Software

When you are standing back and looking at agriculture and technology, it is easy to assume that the two industries really do not have a lot to do with one another. However, that really is not the case. Agriculture and technology can work hand-in-hand and, in fact, the two separate industries are often a lot more deeply entwined than most people think. Automated feed-formulation software is one specific example of how technology can integrate into the agricultural world and do so in a way that is highly valuable. If you have cattle, getting to know feed-formulation software is going to be a rwise move on your part. 

Feed-formulation software is excellent in the feed mill business. 

If you rely on a feed mill for your cattle feed, there is a good chance that you have experienced automated feed-formulation software and didn't even know that you did. The majority of larger scale feed mills now use this automated software for things like:

  • creating custom feed products depending on customer requests
  • creating recipes that are formulated for specific advantages to the animals
  • creating recipes that use the available resources without compromising nutritional quality

Feed-formulation software allows for perfected cattle feed with just the right nutrients. 

The automated feed-formulation software monitors the nutrients in different grains, ingredients, and additives closely. Therefore, the program can easily make ingredient adjustment recommendations based on what the feed is being used for or what challenges a farmer may be facing with their livestock. For example, if you are having an issue with your herd gaining weight, the feed mill can use the formulation software to adjust ratios quickly and introduce more carbohydrates and protein to induce weight gain. 

Feed-formulation software makes it possible for farmers to adjust recipes for different reasons. 

If you utilize feed formulation software in your own small feed mill operation, you are able to adjust ingredients for reasons beyond nutrition. For example, if you have a greater wealth of soy than you do corn or more wheat than you have barley, you could adjust the ratios in your feed to utilize what reserves you have available. The best part is the software will give you a detailed analysis of how the nutritional values of the cattle feed will change with the ingredient adjustments you make and can help you supplement with added vitamins and minerals if necessary. 

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